We have a simple VISION at this time in our development, growth and as we continue our service to clients – to be the most effective, highest quality, most trusted vendor and partner in the software development and delivery industry. Why, because we are quite good at what we do; more importantly, we care about our work and our clients.

Our role is to help our clients succeed, plain and simple. Our people, as with all companies, make the difference.

What we hope to become is a ‘most trusted name and source in the outsourcing industry’. We strive to provide a work environment that is fulfilling, stimulating, rewarding, and meaningful to all of our associates worldwide; our goal is to be a great company.

Our MISSION is to provide the most cost effective software development, and delivery services while balancing our commitments to our clients, our associates, our environment, and our financials.

Our VALUES are also simple and vital to our success: communication and honesty; teamwork within and with our clients; speed of response and results; highest quality standards; client-centered.

Founder – Andre Biryukov

Andre has had an extensive background in designing, developing, and implementing applications and data base systems in retail, education, human resources, workforce management, and more. He has been the technical lead and expert for companies in New England while driving ‘best practices’ into the development organizations of companies he has worked for. He has had a successful career as a software engineer and worked for a number of high profile customers in the New England area.

While his contributions have been outstanding, he has recognized that the software development industry was lacking many fundamentals and could be greatly improved. Commitment to standards and to best practices along with extraordinary communication is missing in many companies and teams. Andre wants to transform the industry and provide outstanding software engineering services, both on-shore and off-shore, by forming a new organization.

Andre is a graduate of Northeastern University in Boston, MA with an MS degree in Computer Science.

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