Offshore or not

The biggest decision many companies face nowadays is whether to hire local resources or go offshore. We can help you with both but here are some thoughts.

Many companies today are outsourcing offshore. However there are ramifications and bigger impacts that come with this decision.

Problems exist with Infrastructure lacking the network bandwidth and many experience intermittent electrical outages and storms; Security, such as those for privacy or intellectual property, to protect your company’s assets; Skill Set/Quality – unacceptable quality of work; Culture – simple miscommunication, business conduct, greetings, forms of address, gestures, value systems and punctuality vary widely around the globe; Language Barriers – many offshore resources provide communication challenges, especially over a forum that does not allow you the ability to view facial expressions; Increasing Price Trends – many offshore providers that have been successful are increasing their prices due to fact that competition for local human resources is pushing up the cost of labor.

In addition to the issues identified above, this industry continues to grow at double digit levels. The cost-cutting culture we are in today demands value at an affordable price.

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